Soft Skills for technical trainers

  • You are looking  for support in technical training?

  • You need soft-skill-training for trainers?

  • You expect a sustainable impact of the measure?

  • You want proven expertise?

We provide international Trainer expertise for technical oriented companies. We do this a long time in different areas and cultures with different purposes.

We offer training and coaching in 4 categories:

We carry out international Inhouse-Training since 2012. Matching your needs with our experiences will be the initial step to develop an exactly fitting training. We offer our service in several languages. Please contact us, if you have a "special" requirement.

In a training on the job we join the trainer, while he/she is doing his/her training. During and after the session we provide feedback and proposals for improvement. Such a very personal reflection needs shure instinct. Even senior-trainers can get very valuable impulses.

Our "offen" ("open"), trainer-qualification is a seminar, which is proven since 2012. More than 1000 trainers have passed the 5-days seminar so far. The origin of the workshop was a trainer-seminar, we developped with Bosch, which we offer in german and english language.

To design and carry out an online-training needs more than just to deal with Teams, Zoom or Webex. To bring a virtual training alive is a real challenge. We offer you support for your issues with tutorials, online-training and other virtual formats.


You can reach us with the following adress:

Weiherweg 10
97846 Partenstein
Fon: 0049 171 4506878
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Most people are ready to learn, but only a few like to be taught.

Winston Chrchill